Smart Metering Solutions

Smart metering solutions can help industries and households measure usage, leakage and other aspects of key supplies. This creates a connected and controlled environment environment where you have the complete picture of all utilities. FactoryLab’s smart metering solutions measure gas, water and electricity with a clear and intuitive web based interface for easy analysis.

Our talented team of developers and engineers have put together a complete solution for smart metering of essential utilities. The end-to-end solution provides a one-stop location for hardware, software and dashboard requirements.

Water flow measurement

Complete control of water usage and flow with real time data analytics over an intuitive web based interface. FactoryLab’s LoRa based water flow measurement solution provides acute insights and a comprehensive overview of every pipe in your facility.

Gas flow measurement

Measuring the usage and flow of gas helps domestic and commercial facilities reduce costs from over usage and leakage. FactoryLab’s gas flow measurement solution can be customised to every scenario.

Energy metering

Smart energy metering is an emerging necessity for smart homes and industries alike. Get usage analytics to optimise energy usage while reducing any wastage.

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