Asset Location and Tracking

GPS based location has been around for a while and a necessity in the modern connected world but it comes with its drawbacks. Apart from being expensive and relying on a GPRS connection in most cases, a GPS solution is extremely power hungry making it unsuitable for modern day IoT solutions. FactoryLab provides a more comprehensive LoRa based ultra-low power Geo-location and tracking solution for various applications. Plus if the application requires a GPS solution, we have that too based on LoRa and with high accuracy and reliability. 

Asset tracking

Track packages, equipment or any other asset for years using LoRa based Geo-location.

Bike tracking

Tracking vehicles in a highly populated situation can save time and also prevent thefts, reducing loss. Just connect your vehicle and forget about worrying.

Cargo tracking

Cargo and shipment tracking can enable businesses to increase efficiency and reduce monetary loss due to misplacement and theft of cargo.

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