Smart City Solutions

FactoryLab provides various solutions for smart cities to help government authorities and businesses realise scenarios to monitor and control various aspects of smart cities. Smart City solutions is one of the main areas of interest of the IoT universe with large developments being done in smart lighting, parking management and smart infrastructure maintenance.  

Our talented team of developers and engineers have created many solutions to provide a complete and comprehensive smart city portfolio to choose from. The end-to-end solution provides a one-stop location for hardware, software and dashboard requirements.

Smart street lighting

LoRa based Smart control and monitoring for streetlights to dim, brighten and shutting down LED streetlights for effective lighting in smart cities. Create connected and controlled lights with FactoryLab.

Smart Waste Bin Management

FactoryLab’s smart waste bin management solution helps optimise clean out schedules and cleaning routes for garbage trucks. Clean, secure and on time with FactoryLab.

Smart Parking Management

Find optimal parking arrangements and schedules to save time and energy. FactoryLab enables buildings and authorities create better connected parking solutions using LoRa.

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