Smart Temperature monitoring solutions

At FactoryLab we have various temperature monitoring solutions for warm water management and ambient temperature monitoring. We provide various solutions for building management which help individuals and businesses realise better, safer and higher quality standards of living. 

Our talented team of developers and engineers have created many solutions to provide a complete and comprehensive building management portfolio to choose from. The end-to-end solution provides a one-stop location for hardware, software and dashboard requirements.


The FL-Clip is a easy to install click&go water temperature monitoring solution which is used widely for legionella monitoring and warm water management. The device can be installed on pipes with diameter of 12, 15, 22 and 28mm.


The FL-Ambient is a LoRa ambient temperature monitoring solution that can be installed in any location and log the ambient temperature for multiple years.


Just like the FL-Clip the FL-Strap is used in warm water management but for pipe sizes between 21 – 76 mm.

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