Smart Building Management Solutions

FactoryLab provides various solutions for building management which help individuals and businesses realise better, safer and higher quality standards of living. Building management is a key aspect of IoT solutions and can comprise many domains. The major domains in terms of building management are lifestyle improvement, industrial condition monitoring and maintenance.

Our talented team of developers and engineers have created many solutions to provide a complete and comprehensive building management portfolio to choose from. The end-to-end solution provides a one-stop location for hardware, software and dashboard requirements.

Legionella control

Fight and prevent legionella by maintaining optimum temperature in hot water pipes. Smarter living and a healthier lifestyle. Connected building management solutions by FactoryLab.

Door count and sensing

Send alerts when a door is opened or count the number of times someone enters a room. The possibilities are endless. Factorylab provides a complete LoRa based door counting and sensing solution.

Indoor environment sensing

FactoryLab provides an end to LoRa based indoor environment measuring solution. Temperature, humidity, pressure and CO2 measurement packed in a sleek and discrete casing.

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