Smart Agriculture Solutions

Smarter agriculture and irrigation practices have been proven to provide faster, better quality yield. We can help you accurately measure soil moisture, soil temperature and rain levels to perform predictive and smart agriculture with minimal loss.

We have put our minds together along with our partners to create a complete solution for all smart agricultural and irrigation needs. The end-to-end solution provides a one-stop location for hardware, software and dashboard requirements.

Soil moisture measurement

Accurately measure the moisture of the soil at various points and get the data remotely on a web based platform in the form of graphs and numbers. Connected and secure LoRa based solution.

Rain measurement

Our rain measurement solution uses multiple methods to measure amount of rain at a point or in an area to provide detailed data for optimisation. Measuring the amount per unit area is the perfect way to understand and schedule irrigation practices.

Soil temperature measurement

Soil temperature measurement can enable smart maintenance and prevent damage to plants as well as crops. With a connected solution, the possibilities are endless.

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