On the cloud


All data collected through the IoT will most likely be stored in the cloud. This makes the question of who owns the data increasingly larger. As a result, more and more companies want their own network server with a dedicated database. To keep things simple, this database must be compatible with all connected devices and all software in order to make the data accessible again.

FactoryLab has its own network server with storage, which saves all the data of the connected devices. As a service, this network server can also be customized for clients on a server in the cloud that is owned by the client. Maintenance and service are provided by FactoryLab, but the client is always independent. Through an extensive API, it is possible to access this database from all sides, including software or hardware from other parties. This makes it possible for clients to manage their own data.

Back-end Solutions

Our back-end system consists of a LoRaWAN network server. It is responsible for handling messages that are forwarded through gateways. The main tasks are de-duplicating messages and sending messages to the device (downlink transmission), such as configuration and confirmation messages.

All messages and data received from sensors are stored in a PostgreSQL database server. This relational database server provides support for transactions and row-locking, which greatly increases reliability when frequently entering data. In addition, we use self-defined data types, JSON are saved, and all functionality is contained in stored procedures.

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