From data to dashboard


Is the solar battery in the port sufficiently charged? Is it time to replace the lamps of the street lights already? Will my transport with fresh produce remain at the right temperature? One look at your own digital dashboard and you will have the answer. In addition to smart data loggers, FactoryLab also converts the data into understandable language and insightful dashboards.

The FactoryLab dashboard software uses the latest technology, running in the cloud or on your own server, and gives you an overall insight into the status of your products and equipment. The clear layout and intuitive operation make the software very accessible.

In Complete Control

With the FactoryLab software, you do not just have access to your dashboards. Through the extensive user interface, you can also manage all the users of the connected devices. Add devices, link them to users, and manage their permissions. Set your own alarm levels and determine whether you want to be notified of these alarms by email or sms. In short, the possibilities are endless and you are in complete control.

Seamless Integration

All FactoryLab solutions work together seamlessly. The combination of hardware, software and our own network offer a complete solution for all IoT issues. That’s how we provide the building blocks to make your product even smarter.

Available for everyone

For the shipping, transportation, logistics, horticulture and security industry. Our software provides an endless amount of applications for every industry. Thanks to our transparent and attractive subscriptions based on the number of connected devices, our software is available for everyone.

Safe and reliable 

Safe storage and always having access to your data should be obvious. Our hardware, the network and certainly our data storage and software all use the latest encryptions and security. Combined with our comprehensive testing program, this guarantees a safe and reliable system.

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