FL-Ambient – A Multi Use case device

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Measuring ambient temperature can be extremely useful in many scenarios. From measuring if a refrigerator is functioning to its capacity to checking if a coffee machine is overheating. The applications are endless. FactoryLab introduces the FL-Ambient temperature logger!

The FL-Ambient logger is a very useful tool in a smart building or infrastructure environment. The device is compact and easily installed on any surface using two mounting holes. If the surface is metallic, you can simply use the provided magnet so mount the device and start measuring the temperature instantly. Our clients have recently used the device for some essential applications.

  • Measuring the temperature inside a medical refrigerator to ensure that the temperature stays below the specification for medicines. This application is extremely useful in the medical industry and especially in hospitals. An alarm is raised to the user if the temperature increases beyond the specified.
  • Measuring temperature inside server cabinets where sometimes things can get quite hot and cause a fire hazard with loss of data. The device it easily mounted and raises alarms.
  • Measuring for over heating inside coffee machines.

Wherever there is a need for temperature monitoring, the FL-Ambient is the perfect wireless solution. contact us for more information.