FactoryLab launches the LoRa Fennec

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The Dutch start-up FactoryLab launces their ultra low power LoRa end device that is able to run for more than 5 years on a button cell. The Fennec is the worlds first LoRa v1.0.2B compliant end-device, hence it is capable to read sensors and control outputs. The Fennec has an integrated LoRa antenna that can be configured to all different LoRa regions in the world.

The Fennec is a Long Range wireless end-device that connects IoT solutions to the world. During recent testing at the TÜV, which is a LoRa Alliance certified classification authority, the Fennec has been found compliant to the latest LoRa v1.0.2B standard. This makes FactoryLab one of world’s first suppliers of a Class A & C (Class B pending) compliant LoRa-stack. The unique ultra low power hardware design and deep sleep mode enables the Fennec and a sensor to run on a CR2032 battery for over five years while still sending LoRa messages each hour.

Gertjan Strietman, founder of FactoryLab: “When we started FactoryLab we decided to fully focus on connectivity with LoRa, which we think, is the wireless technology of the future.” The experience of the company’s founder in the rough industrial environment of Maritime and Offshore sector, made the Fennec development team to design a comprehensive and robust product. Gertjan: “The quality of products used in these harsh environments requires us to make a high quality product and execute comprehensive testing before deployment.” Therefore FactoryLab decided to start a kick-starter campaign, to ask the opensource DIY community to apply the Fennec Development Board in situations no one thought of before. “As a small company, we strongly believe that collaboration is the way to be competitive in the market. Enriching our backers with the latest LoRa software stack will also help FactoryLab to make the industry smart.”


Get your hands on the Fennec now! Support us on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/factorylab/fennec-lora-development-board.