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Internet of things


This is the future

Intelligent solutions and smart products are playing an increasingly important role in the industry. Innovation and technology are becoming the rule, rather than the exception. The result is that new products consist largely of software and electronics. More and more, the world of business and industry are asking for intelligent services, complete solutions and devices that can communicate digitally. Smart industries, smart offices, smart buildings… It is the future.


Endless applications 

Monitoring the status, position and behaviour of your products and equipment. A simple and quick check of environmental conditions. Easily from any screen, real time and worldwide. Our data loggers can tell what they ‘see, hear, smell, feel and taste.’ Access control, maintenance management, power management, security and efficiency. Our compact and highly energy efficient data loggers register standard location, acceleration, temperature and system status. Through intuitive programming software, the data loggers can be easily configured and are compatible with the most common bus systems and sensors. This makes it possible to use them for any application and any client.

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We are FactoryLab


FactoryLab: making the industry smart

With our smart data loggers and new wireless technologies such as LoRa and 4G, we connect machines and devices to our servers in the cloud. As an interpreter between man and machine, FactoryLab translates this data into easy to understand sentences and crystal clear charts.  That’s how FactoryLab speaks the language of the future and provides endless applications. It adds a new dimension to the internet of things.


Smart Industry

FactoryLab’s success is based on three factors: more possibilities, fewer constraints and easier operation. Now there’s another factor: simplicity through wireless connections. It is how data loggers, our LoRa network and user interface are all connected to each other. FactoryLab is keenly aware of the growing demand for smart solutions, which is why we are fully committed to making the industry smarter: Industry 4.0.

Network of the future



FactoryLab’s data loggers and communication network use an energy-efficient and wireless technology called LoRa (Long Range Radio Network). With LoRa, millions of devices and sensors can send messages over large distances via the internet using little energy. The battery use is low, the range is high and the technology is available to everyone. This allows all kinds of machines and devices to talk to the Internet without having to use 3G or Wi-Fi. This cost-effective technology offers numerous applications and will allow the Internet of Things (IoT) to take a huge flight.

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