Asset Management with FactoryLab!

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The FL-Secure is an easy to install mountable Lora geo-location logger. The tagger is designed in a key fob form factor which enables it to be attached to keys, fire extinguishers and thanks to a magnetic mount, even to a forklift. The device is also equipped with a secure easy-break wire to send tampering alerts and alerts if an asset is removed from a secure location. A good example use case of the secure device is attaching it to the secure pin of a fire extinguisher so as to intimate the maintenance company that a seal has been broken.

An interesting case for the geo-location device is in a large industrial area to monitor construction assets. The device is magnetically mounted to incoming construction assets like trucks, forklifts and other machinery when they enter the site. This enables the asset to be tracked with a 25 mtr accuracy throughout a large site.

The small factory enables the device to be mounted to keys, bag packs and other assets and the inconspicuous form makes it quite discrete.

The colours and mounting options can be easily changed depending on the use case.

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