LoRa Products

LoRa products for all industrial and commercial applications

Smart, secure and connected. FactoryLab offers a wide range of LoRa based products and services. Low power and easy to use solutions for any scenario.


Connected solutions for industrial problems

Industry 4.0? Smart cities? GPS tracking? FactoryLab offers a wide array of custom and ready-to-use end-to-end LoRa solutions. Perfectly engineered and tailor made for your ideas.

Web-based dashboards

Creative visualisations on all platforms

FactoryLab provides secure back-end and frontend services for a hassle free and intuitive dashboard experience. 


Connectivity on all levels.

Have a sensor or device but need LoRa connectivity? No problem. FactoryLab helps connect existing and new devices with LoRa connectivity via both on-board and off-board solutions. 

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